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Combined Fume Hood

Space has been extended.It furnishes more space for operating and
instruments. Space has been used to reach its maximum by reasonable
space combining.

Introduction:Cabinet Structure: Material: All steel covered with
electrostatic spraying after folding, welding, polishing, acid cleaning,
phosphorization, chemical resistance.
Inner liner panel: Imported from America, 6mm compact panel, acid
and alkali resistance, temperature-resistance, anti-moisture.
Guide plate: Imported from America, 6mm compact panel, reasonable
and knock-down guide structure. Concentrated and effective discharge
air, letting off different poisonous gas.
Window: 6mm thickness steel safe glass, balancing form elevation and
subsidencei, it can be stopped at any position by pulling.
Lighting equipment: 30W antisepsis daylight lamp, lamp house is
insulated with gas. Lightness on table not lower than 400LUX.
Operation Table board: lab-grade phenolic resins worktop,or epoxy
resin worktop,or ceramic worktop and stainless steel as worktop
Operation panel: lighting switch, ON/OFF switch, two sets of
220V/10A versatile electric socket.

vertical and single test cock: made by yellow brass, the surface is
treated by EPOXY baking paint.Cup slot: acid and alkali resistance, PP
water cup

Type Specification(mm) Airflow( m³/s)
St1200 2400*850*2350 2400~3500
St1500 3000*850*2350 3000~4000
        ,weixing industrial park,hengli town,changzhou city,jiangsu province,china