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Waik-in Fume Hood
Mending Wind Fume Hood
Combined Fume Hood
Up-table Fume Hood
Steel Lab Bench
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H-Frame Lab Bench
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Lab-grade Phenolic Resins Top
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Lab Faucet,Lab Cock
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Fume Extractor,Pegboard
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Fume Hood
Steel Lab Bench
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Storage Cabinets
Laboratory Worktop
Accessorial Fittings

Fume Extractor
Joint: High grade PP, to be 360° swiveled, dismantled &
assembled easily for cleaning
Guiding ring: Low-friction treated rubber
Center bolt: 304 stainless steel
Adjustable joint knob:high grade PP with a molded-in brass nut
locking with center bolt
Damper: To manually adjust air flow with a knob
Dome/cup hood:High grade PP/PC
Tube: Ø75mm PVC
360° swing device: Enabling movement radius to max.1600mm

Material: High grade PP/phenolic resins
Type: Single faced/double faced
Tray hole for water drainage
Installation: Panel mounted/deck mounted
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