Standard Fume Hood
Hood With Acid Storage Cabinet
Waik-in Fume Hood
Mending Wind Fume Hood
Combined Fume Hood
Up-table Fume Hood
Steel Lab Bench
Stainless Steel Lab Bench
H-Frame Lab Bench
C-Frame Lab Bench
Vented Chemical Storage
Fire Proof Cabinet
Acid Storage Cabinet
Medicine Storage Cabinet
Glass Vessel Cabinet
Gas Bottle Cabinet
Storage Shelf
Lab-grade Phenolic Resins Top
Epoxy Resin Worktop
Ceramics Worktop
Stainless Steel Worktop
Articial Marble Worktop
Lab Faucet,Lab Cock
Lab Sink
Eye Wash,Emergency Shower
Mobile Cart
Fume Extractor,Pegboard
Lab Chair
Power Suppy
Fume Hood
Steel Lab Bench
Steel And Wood Lab Bench
Storage Cabinets
Laboratory Worktop
Accessorial Fittings

Fume hood.PDF
Our company has developed various products with different fuctions and designs. It can meet
higher requirements from different customers. Main type: standard fume hood, fume hood with
acid storage cabinet, walk-in fume hood, mending wind fume hood, combined fume hood, up-table
fume synthetic stone is flame resistant, and meets the industry standard.

Steel Laboratory Furniture.PDF
This series includes cold steel and stainless steel, lab bench and storage cabinets. It's designed by
CAD and digital-precision made. As a single unit it can be assembled freely with a better
formation to fit into your lab space. It's with
good weight bearing, long lifetime and excellent
cost performance. It can meet your space requirement for laboratory.

Steel And Wood Laboratory Furniture.PDF
The steel&wood lab furniture includes lab bench and storage cabinets. lab bench include two kinds
of structure. H-frame and C-frame. It selects 40*60/30*30mm square steel, phosphating and
pickling treatment for surface, epoxy resin powder paint, outstanding acid-proof and alkali-proof
performance. Cabinet made of melamine decoration plate and coupled with some accessories such
as plywood, flakeboard, medium density fiberboard. According to the different geographic&
climate, selecting plate from different source reasonably to meet the requirements for laboratory

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